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Yahoo Contact Number

For the solution to the Yahoo account complications, call at the Yahoo contact service number and obtain best of the services in no time. It is assured a possibility that Ymail helpdesk will help in handling undue troubles at the reasonable cost. Just move onto platform like Ymail helpdesk and obtain best of the resolutions in no time. By availing tech support services, you will be able to handle undue complications in the smaller time limit. Get unlimited support via Ymail helpdesk and feel an ease to access emails in the account seamlessly. Collect best of the help and services via Ymail helpdesk now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzYB9wZlYS8

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Yahoo Technical Support UK Number

Third party Yahoo technical support numbers are easily available on different websites from where yahoo users can try to contact them at anytime. The toll free phone number service is available for 24*7 and that’s why yahoo users can contact the technically sound team at anytime. This brings great news to all the customers who are using yahoo email client and need to fix their innumerous queries urgently and immediately. Yahoo technical support team will hardly take small time to fix your problem and make your application work smoother and better than earlier. Hence, try yahoo technical support and make your email application faster and safer.yahoo

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How to access Yahoo mail using Microsoft Outlook

Owing to email being one of the most used mediums in this digital revolution and information era, many a customer save important conversation, documents, and semi-processed drafts in their email account only. Thus, there is an increasing demand on behalf of customers especially business or corporate customers to have access to their mails even if they are not connected to the web or any other network. This demands a physical storage of previous mails and documents which have been transacted with the Yahoo mail account. This has led to the rise of third part solutions like outlook, outlook express and many more. This software allows customers to access their mails even if they are not connected to the internet.

Customers can either contact the Yahoo customer service UK team seeking for help to establish a Yahoo mail account using outlook, or they can follow the steps which have been illustratively explained in their help portals. At times, customers want to access their Yahoo mails using Microsoft Outlook, they invariably have two options at their disposal – they can subscribe to mail plus for upgrades or download and install YPOPS. The POP mail client like outlook enables access to mail in an offline mode. The user can follow the series of steps for setting up Yahoo mail on Microsoft Outlook:-

Step 1: Click on the Tools option and select the Account option from the list of options available

Step 2: From the list of tabs available, click on the Mail tab, followed by clicking on the Add command, and selecting Mail from the list of options available

Step 3: The system would prompt the user to enter several account related information which the user needs to enter. The set of information includes display name, email address, server type, server information, account name and password. The users are expected to enter the correct information. It must be noted that the server type should be POP3, and the option for “Log on using secured password authentication” should be unchecked.

Step 4: Now, select the new account created and click on the properties option. In the properties window, click on the servers tab and select the option stating “My server requires authentication”.

Step 5: Finally, click on the advanced tab. Select the option “This server requires a secure connection” for both incoming mails (POP3) as well as outgoing mails (SMTP). Click on OK and close the dialog.

On following the mentioned set of steps, the Yahoo mail can be accessed from Outlook. The same can also be carried out in consultation with the Yahoo technical support UK team to ensure reliability.

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